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An Inspired New Clubhouse at The Terraces

An Inspired New Clubhouse at The Terraces
February 26, 2021

When The Hill at Whitemarsh first opened its doors to residents back in 2007, part of the long-term plan included expansions and updates. The ultimate goal was to provide residents with freedom of choice—the freedom to pick and choose the educational and cultural activities they participate in, the freedom to come and go as they see fit, and the freedom to customize their living space.

In an effort to further expand the options available for residents at The Hill, The Terraces were born. The Terraces consist of three luxury residential buildings that boast a variety of living options, complete with secure underground parking and a new Clubhouse that features an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a billiards room.

Bernardon was the architecture firm behind the new design for The Terraces, helmed by a principal with the firm, Doug Hertsenberg, AIA, who specializes in senior living.

“I’ve been working within the seniors market for over 30 years,” says Hertsenberg. “The focus is really on the resident and creating a space that enhances their lifestyle and freedom. Outdated thinking about senior living would try to move you around with age, but now the goal is to really help you age in place, which means staying in your own space as long as possible.”

Hertsenberg also specializes in single-family custom homes, which allowed him to bring a different perspective to this project for The Hill. He understood that many of The Hill’s residents have spent the majority of their adult lives in homes with lots of space, and he aimed to maintain both the lifestyle and feeling that come along with that experience.

For this reason, the new residences at The Terraces all have nine-foot ceilings enhanced by oversized windows that flood the interior with natural light. Additionally, each space comes equipped with hardwood floors, gas fireplaces, crown molding, modern kitchen finishes, and ample closet and storage space.

“The Hill’s forward-thinking approach to design for seniors really highlights the leadership they hold within the greater marketplace,” says Dave Moreland, a senior living consultant with The Hill. They operate with a continuous improvement philosophy, which means each improvement is viewed as a stepping stone to the next level of excellence and superiority. This upgrade continues to keep The Hill at Whitemarsh a top contender, not only within Philadelphia, but nationwide.”

Designing the Clubhouse for The Terraces was a focal point for Hertsenberg and his team of architects and interior designers, as they believe a clubhouse is really the heart of community living.

“We really wanted to move the concept of the Clubhouse beyond just the residents; we wanted to open it up to a whole family experience, giving it more of a resort or country club feel,” says Hertsenberg. “Activating family life enhances community life. It takes a 360-degree approach to how we are thinking about senior living. It should feel like a destination for the entire family.”

The destination experience is exactly what Hertsenberg and his team were going for, adding to the variety of dining options available to residents, who also have access to the main dining room and pub in The Hill’s main building.

“During the day, the Clubhouse will serve as an extension to the pool area, but at night you can order a nice steak and feel like you’re in a totally different environment,” Hertsenberg says.

“The Clubhouse at The Terraces adds a new layer to the existing lifestyle options at The Hill, complete with a new look, feel, and menu, which was put together by The Hill’s Executive Chef Adam Ochs,” says Moreland.

Both Hertsenberg and Moreland recognize how well the new Clubhouse at The Terraces seamlessly integrates into the larger community, while also providing a distinctly new experience for residents.

Zooming out from the Clubhouse to The Hill as a whole, it’s clear to see that every element that goes into life here is planned meticulously before being executed.

“The Hill is really unique in its origin, its setting, and its architecture. You get an immediate sense of the vibe as you drive in,” says Hertsenberg. “The intention with both the style of architecture and the layout of the community feels like an estate setting more than anything else. The Hill has really raised the bar when it comes to senior lifestyle, and you can see that all the residents who live here take great pride in their neighborhood.”

Originally published in The Hill at Whitemarsh resident magazine It’s How You LIVE.

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